As we are progressing towards a change of creating cashless economy we are induced to use more DIGITAL MODE. It is taking us to dark and unknown path were we have very less knowledge of environment. So it is beneficial for us to safeguard our self and proceed further.



  1. PASSWORD BREACH: This is most easy and common method of hacking. Most of time we are careless in framing our password which become quite easy for hackers to crack and get access to account.
  2. PHISING AND SPOOFING:  Attacker can use the malicious code, to obtain the PIN details, later they can use this for financial gain.
  3. TIMING WINDOWS: Timing windows are created as soon as we open and use the program, hackers can use it to gain access to our system. So we should close it on regular basis.
  4. PUBLIC WI-FI: We should never use public Wi-Fi for online transactions and payment as data can be easily seen by anyone.
  5. MALWARE: malware and virus find ways to our system by log in to wrong site or by email. We should always ensure secure sites for our work.


  1. INVESTMENT BY GOVERNMENT: Private Company   is reluctant in providing adequate cyber security.  Government should provide incentive for same. The incentives could be given in form of tax credits for adopting cyber practices, training of security analysts, and funding towards research and development projects.
  2. CYBER AWARNESS: Almost 70% of our population recites in villages were it is hard to find even an internet connection so you cannot hope for cyber awareness. If one is made known to cyber security we are 90% safe.
  3. AUTHENTICATION: Implementing two-factor authentication in net banking/online transactions by using OTPs, SSL/128 bit encryption as security measure
  4. ATM: ATM has to be provided with advanced anti-skimming technology, 24/7 surveillance for all banking atm.
  5. STANDARD: The online transaction firm must ensure and compliant to payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS} 2.0 standard.

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