Online Fee Collection of Coaching Institutes

We live in a world where many people moved towards the trend of paying online or getting online payment and this trend has been set-up because of changing scenario for online payments.In old days, we all are going to the counter of the schools or coaching institutes and waits in long queues just only because to pay fees. This creates lots of tension and panic among both students and their parents to pay the fees in time. On the part of management, they also need to hire staff in order to collect fees and maintain records of them. It creates “loads of hassle” and simultaneously “increase in costs.” To end all this, now schools, colleges, universities, etc. are come with the idea to adopt online/digital means of payment in place of the traditional payment method.

We have now come up with the best possible solution for you that have been found till the date and i.e. Feegenie.‘Pay fee online’ – this is the standard adopted by leading institutions across the PAN India today. Our motto is to Go global and stay competitive using the smart online fee management systemfrom Feegenie. Here all about the FeeGenie and benefits attached to both payer and collector.

Highlights of Feegenie’s Online Fee Payment System:

  • Easy to use.
  • No Hardware/software required.
  • Safe and secured.
  • Operational round the clock(24*7*365).
  • Environment friendly.
  • Go paperless.
  • Additional options/features to explore.


Advantages that a Payer can avail with Feegenie:

No rushing to institutions or banks and standing in queues to pay fees. Just pay fees online instantly and relax. Save time and relieve yourself out of the stress associated with paying your child’s fees in person.

There can be no online fee payment option than online fee payment system offered by Feegenie.

  • Pay fee online through Feegenie, which is safe and secure.
  • Enjoy fast and easy payment of institution’s fees.
  • No standing in queues and spending too much of time on it.
  • Pay fee online anytime as per your convenience while on a trip or a vacation.
  • Get SMS alerts before the due dates to avoid late fee charges.
  • Get E-receipts and invoices on your registered E-mail ID.
  • Keep a track on all your invoices that you have paid and that is still pending to be paid.
  • Enjoy the innovative features of analytical dashboard provided to you as a Payer.
  • Add your family members or belongings to your contact list as an E-mail contact or Mobile Contact.
  • Care for your family’s or belonging’s fee payments too. For this your belongings needed to be authorized by you as your contact.
  • Get notified when one of your family member or belonging (added as your contact) pays or tries to pay the fee online using Feegenie.
  • Many more services to be explored while you’re going to pay your fee online with Feegenie.
  • The payers can pay online while using Debit cards, credit cards and Netbanking, E-wallets etc.

Advantages that an Institution can avail with Feegenie:

Similarly in this way the benefits available to the Merchant or Collector are as follows:

  • Register at the ‘NIL’ cost.
  • Access to a dedicated and an analytical dashboard just like you all create your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles where the coaching institutes can collect their fee online.
  • Manage and maintain student’s records, manage their fee invoices and fee records along with their status like: Unpaid, Failed, Success, In-process.
  • Manage new admissions, add/remove new/old student’s records,
  • Every kind of reports as per your ease: Customized, batch-wise, pending fee reports along with payer ledger to explore.
  • Easiest and convenient way to collect fees online.
  • The institution can keep a track on their daily, weekly, monthly fee collection along with all records of payers with paid and unpaid status along with the weekly settlement report.
  • The institution will be notified or will receive an E-mail for the daily, weekly and monthly fee collection.
  • Keeping a track on the invoices that has been paid as well as tracking unpaid invoices too.
  • They can get their Invoices and receipts on their registered E-mail ID’s.
  • SMS reminders for the due fee before the due date to avoid late fee.
  • Managing all the contact details of Family members or the belongings as a contact and managing their fee invoices and receipts too, Getting notified when your contact(belongings or family member) make an online fee payment using Feegenie and many more innovative features to explore from.

FeeGenie is that platform helping in “Hassle- free” and “Queue- free” management system to pay fee online.
It is just like a “Genie” who completes your wish to pay fees in just few minutes, without the need to stands up in lines and getting worried.


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