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We are now heading towards the world where all the transactions, shopping, buy/sell, renting etc. all things are getting done online with the use of latest & innovative technologies and digital payments.

Now, if we look on to Service industry in India, that is providing financial, technological or other kind of services has now been taken to the online platform also. Look at the Policy bazaar, where you can shop for life insurance policy or renew your car insurance within just few clicks.
Same as, now schools/coaching institutes or other fee payments can be done online with the use of latest & innovative technology where you need to spend even just five minutes from your busy schedule. Just a few clicks and you are all set to pay the fee. All this came true with a genie that has specially been designed to sort out day to day issues faced by mango people for the fee collection; either the fee to be paid is of school, college or for our membership in respective associations.

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A long time ago, to pay the fee, we need to stand in long queues, spending too much time on the fee payments. We had to rush to the fee counters to pay the fee, carrying huge amount of cash, cheque, DD that is risky too. Now, everything is available at a single click away which has sorted out day to day issue faced by the common people for the fee payment.

Yet another emerging technical platform in today’s world is “The smartest Fee Management System-FEEGENIE” or “Software for Online Fee Collection”. In just few clicks, every institution in the India can now collect their fee directly to their bank account without risk of handling too much cash or risk of any fake currency. An integrated system of Feegenie allows students and their parents to pay their coaching institution’s fees online by Netbanking, Credit cards or Debit cards, without standing in long queues. The biggest advantage provided by Feegenie is that, it allows both: The payer as well as collector to pay or collect the fee through 48+ banks, which no fee management system or software can provide them. Feegenie the fastest growing Fee Management System in the India and is suitable for any coaching Institutes: either it is a national-level chain or a city-wide small institute.

With this ready integration, coaching institutions can approach Feegenie and register themselves with it for online fee collection. The coaching institutes will be provided with secured credentials after they register themselves into the Feegenie. Once done, all the invoices generated from Feegenie will allow the students and parents to make payments online from the convenience of their home. Feegenie will automatically track paid fees and update the system so that the institution can get a very clear and updated picture of their outstanding invoice. The entire fee payments and collections in Feegenie have been designed in regards with simplicity and ease of use, configuration. Educational Institutions like: Coaching Institutes from across the PAN India are making their administration and fee payment process simple, easy, smart and very reliable to use.


Similarly, the institution will be provided an analytical dashboard with the latest statistics of fee collection along with many user options such as Uploading or managing the payer details and student’s details, Payer ledger alongwith total fee with late fee and fee paid till now, customized or batch-wise reports to be explored. The institution can keep a track on their daily, weekly, monthly fee collection along with all records of payers with paid and unpaid status along with the weekly settlement report. The institution will be notified or will receive an E-mail for the daily, weekly and monthly fee collection.

We Make Fee payments and collection easy, and making it simplest too.
Make a Wish!! Want a Genie for Fee Management needs?
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