Let’s PLEDGE DIGITILISATION for our Nation on this Republic Day

Strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth is a good thing for any country. Digitizing a country’s payment infrastructure is one such foundational investment which enables this type of economic growth.Not only has the adoption of digital payments lowered the cost of disbursing and receiving payments but also offered new pathways into the financial system for the disadvantaged, and importantly, contribute to the ongoing objective of women’s economic empowerment.

26 JanuaryIt also reduces the rate of corruption and crime and Increasestransparency, speed and privacy of payments. So, on this coming Republic Day 2017, that is a day of dedications to the unity and strength of our country which has given us the power to live freely and happily, Let us sworn to Digitally Transact at least Twice a Month and contribute towards the growth of our economy by letting the digital economy make inroads into our daily lives.

GO DIGITAL! MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Share as much as you can and contribute to the future of ours and yours generation.

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