Skip the Queue, Go Cashless

While the demonetization drive has been taken to flush out the black money from the domestic economy, the long and often frustrating wait outside banks and ATM’s point demands more easiness and convenient way for withdrawal and depositing of money.

Banks, payment companies and mobile wallets have all introduced a slew of measures to make digital transactions cheaper in response to make cashless transactions easier as much as to boost more people to adopt digital transactions.

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In present scenario, increasing demands for digital payments leads to made increase in shopping, buy/sell, renting etc. online. Many companies having collaboration with banks offer digital payments. Yet another emerging technical platform in today’s world is “The smartest Fee Management System-FEEGENIE”. In just few clicks, every institution in the India can now collect their fee directly to their bank account without risk of handling too much cash or risk of any fake currency. The irritating phenomena to wait at queue is now abolished, you can pay fee online from any place, at any time, even on the midnight.

The biggest advantage provided by Feegenie is that, it allows both: The payer as well as collector to pay or collect the fee through 48+ banks, which no fee management system or software can provide them. FeeGenie is the fast growing fee management system and more reliable mean to pay the fee online. Many Schools, Universities, Associations, Gyms, etc. are now are collaborating with FeeGenie.

FeeGenie initiates the step towards to make the cashless economy.

FeeGenie mantra of “Skip the Queue, Go Cashless”, encourage people to made the more use of digital modes of payment.

With FeeGenie go global and stay competitive.

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