FeeGenie: Centre for Distance Fee Education System

Distance Education or distance learning courses has now set-up a trend of having a quality education for those professionals or students who seek for higher education or to pursue higher degrees but with the ease of their home or while working in corporate sector.

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When a child move towards universities to pursue higher education, parents gets worried about the fee payments for their universities as generally these universities are at distant places and at the city outers. So, going at those far places just to make the fee payment seems very troublesome for the professionals or corporate who do not have enough time to move out of their business or jobs.

They tried to looking for some online payment means through which they can make payment of fees. In present scenario, FeeGenie is the Smartest and Effective Fee Management System through which the peoples can easily pay fee online. The only need required to integrated with the FeeGenie, to avail the services. Just registering with Feegenie enables you to collect fees online through 44+ banks.

FeeGenie not only provides the services of paying fee online, but also gives alert for the fees remains unpaid and also generate the log of transaction being done. You can receive the receipt of fee paid at your registered e-mail ID. FeeGenie supports a payer for the distance education learning by enormous facilities for the students/payers for their fee payments i.e. for Admission Form selling, Admission Fee Collection, Optional fees, Monthly/Quarterly Fee Collection and Miscellaneous fee etc.

In case of boarding colleges or Hostels, FeeGenie also helps an institution to collect the boarding and lodging fee as well as additional charges online which in turn, encourages the user to pay the same within some clicks without going anywhere and at the ease of their home.

Through these online fee payment services, these institutions can collect their fee online through the online payment systems like: Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or E-wallet. FeeGenie helps these institutes to build their brand value as well as lesser dependency on their clerical staff and manual accounts maintenance.

With FeeGenie, Go Global and remain Competitive!

Grow your nation, Grow with FeeGenie!


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