A Revolution in online payments

Step of PM Modi on demonetization is necessarily taken in view to curb the flow of black money and making system of transparency but it is quite true that it impacts the life of normal being.

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Also it can be said that the dream of PM Modi to make the India cashless brings revolution in online payments. People with less cash now initiate to use the online payments as a medium of exchange. People use cards, Net banking, UPI, E-wallets as a medium to make payment to exchange goods and services. Revolution in online payment requires adequate infrastructure and such facilities which make peoples to done the transactions online. Revolution in online payment insists many vendors to get their system online either it are of shopping, renting, education etc.

To revolutionizing the Education Fees Payment System in India, Feegenie is India’s first multi-utility & user-friendly online portal focused to provide a solution to millions of payers/parents/members across India, enabling them to pay all kinds of fees online anywhere, anytime through Feegenie. Handling of such a huge sum of money through current offline system does not only make it prone to human errors & corruption but also is anti-environment by unimaginable amount of paper wastage for no reasons. Feegenie provides a simple, efficient & user-friendly solution to all this by providing online payment of education fees anytime, anywhere using debit/credit cards or net banking facility.

There are so many sectors Feegenie is taking care of like: if we talk about Educational Sectors, we can include Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching Institutes with other sectors like: Resident Welfare Societies, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Associations. All these bodies operating in India even till now rely on manual fee Collection systems: Cash, Cheque, Demand Drafts. The new era now wants a revolutionary change as per the changing technology.

FeeGenie – ‘The Revolution”, tried to makes the education system simplest, efficient and user- friendly so that both payer and the collector can utilize a system to grow and stay competitive.

Switch FeeGenie-“Your Online Fee Partner”.

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