Wireless Technology

With smart phones, tablets, and laptops taking over the world, the term “wireless” has become part of our everyday vernacular. In the most basic and obvious sense, “wireless” refers to communications sent without wires or cables, but within that broad idea are more specific uses of the term wireless, from cellular networks to local WiFi networks.


“Wireless” is a broad term that encompasses all sorts of technologies and devices that transmit data over the air, rather than over wires, including cellular communications, networking between computers with wireless adapters, and wireless computer accessories. Wireless communications travel over the air via electromagnetic waves–such as radio frequencies, infrared, and satellite.

A technology, such as cell phones, that uses radio waves to transmit and receive data. These devices are extensively used for making payment online. Increasing trend calls for the new technology which provides ease and secure means of making payment. As a results, various online sites are emerged which provides such facilities.

The online payment systems allow money transfers to be made only through Internet with the use of wireless technology.

A Smart Online Fee Payment Collection platform – Feegenie, a ITES based Online fee collection as well as fee payment platform offers a wide variety of services to the institution and their payers as well for the online fee collection and fee payment along with vast services of Fee management system with the ease of digital payments and storage of their information on their Feegenie merchant’s cloud account.

There are so many sectors Feegenie is taking care of like: if we talk about Educational Sectors, we can include Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching Institutes with other sectors like: Resident Welfare Societies, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Associations. All these bodies operating in India even till now relies on manual fee Collection systems: Cash, Cheque, Demand Drafts. The new era now wants a revolutionary change as per the changing technology.

With tie-up with just one bank, you are resistant to use the services of other banks too while Feegenie offers every payer as well as institution a wide option to choose from 48+ Banks.

We at FeeGenie visualize India where every common man is using the technology in his daily life. When the word Fees is around him, he should use FeeGenie services for all types of fees to be paid.

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