Some facts on the Indian stock markets that you may not have known

Indian stock markets are unique in many ways. Two of India’s biggest exchanges: BSE and NSE have the largest number of companies listed across the world. Here are a few interesting facts on the Indian stock markets that you may not have known.

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  1. Just 2% Indian household saving goes into equities

Indians do tend to save, but, most of their money is stashed away either in bank deposits or in gold or even real estate. Not surprised are you? In fact, just 2 per cent of household savings is channelized into the stock market today.

  1. Largest Number of listed shares in the world

The Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange have the largest number of listed companies in the world, around 9000 companies.

  1. Make way LIC

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) hold the largest chunk of shares, while LIC still remains the largest domestic institutional player.

  1. Bad statistics

Almost 6000 companies’ shares are not traded or thinly traded. Activity is thus restricted to just around 3000 shares of listed and actively traded stocks.

  1. Great record in derivatives

The NSE has the second large volumes in the derivatives market. It ranks second in Index Options, and third when it comes to the Stock Index Futures.

  1. Slowly investors coming back to the markets

The value of all companies listed on the stock exchanges in India as a percentage of GDP is at its highest in a little over three years. The market cap is around Rs 93 lakh crore or almost 86 per cent of GDP.

  1. Investors have made money

Indian markets are ranked as the best performing stock markets this year in terms of gains recorded on the Sen-sex and the Nifty. Investors are beginning to make money.

  1. NSE makes a mark

The National Stock Exchange or NSE was the largest exchange by number of trades in equity shares in the Electronic order book in 2012 and 2011.

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