Rs. 500, Rs.1000 notes are banned: How Banks and ATM’s will functions in next few days

Responsibility of banks and burden on ATM is subsequently increased as an emergence of abolishment of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes. Bank need to work whole day in order to deposit and exchange the abolished currency notes. Information & Identification required regarding a person is subsequently increased.

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But it is a greater opportunity for those organizations that offers to pay and collects online payments. Banned on currency notes, increased the burden and tensions of persons who need to pay their shop rents, school fees of their children, university fees, gym fees, etc. on time. Now days, Online Payment Mode is the best way to make payments. Among other online payment sites, Feegenie is the smartest and effective Fee Management System Portal.

Feegenie provides availability of digital payments mode at any time and from any place. It reduces the necessity to dependent on bank and standing in long queue, only for the purpose to pay fees. Feegenie do not require carrying cash for the fee payment. Just in few clicks, you can avail the services either by using Smartphone or Android App , to pay fee online.

Feegenie is the smartest way to collect and pay fee online within few seconds.

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