Changing Your Payment Method

Changing in Technology demands changing needs!

Traditionally, we all are use cash, cheques or demand drafts to exchange goods & services. This requires carrying huge amount of cash in our packets all time and the risk of theft, money lost is equally/parallel inevitable.

BLog Post 18-10-2016


Nowadays, we all live in the ‘Internet Age’ where all the transactions are done online. We are steeping towards a world where all transactions  shopping, buy/sell, etc. are done through the use of Debit card, Credit card, E-Wallet or Net Banking.

Change in mode of payment provides safety, security, simplest and easiest way of handling currency.

Various online sites are emerged like Amazon, Flip-kart, Paytm, etc. as a result of change in method of payment.

Yet another emerging technical aspect in today’s world is “The Smartest and Effective Fee Management System- FeeGenie”. In just few clicks, FeeGenie allows organization to collect their fees online without the risk of carrying huge cash or risk of fake currency. FeeGenie uses modern means of payment i.e. Debit card, Credit cards or Net Banking. Feegenie is the largest and fast growing fee management system.

Emerging New Technology leads Increase in Competition,

With FeeGenie – Stay Advanced & Competitive!

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