Renting shop in a Mall or an office complex?

Spending time to pay rent for shop in a Mall?

Then, we are giving a complete relaxation to pay rent for Malls/Shop online.

Malls, also called as shopping malls or shopping centres, is a large retail complex containing a variety of stores and often restaurants and other Business establishments housed in a series of connected or adjacent buildings or a single large building.

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Malls or Office Complex includes the shops or showrooms taken on rent from the owner of the mall or a complex. The shops or showroom can include the one for entertainment venues such as movie theaters and restaurants, Retail/ Fashion Outlets etc. which are rented according to the location and area occupied by it and accordingly is the rent taken from them.

For an instance, you need to have some time to pay the rent from your busy schedule or need to have sometime apart from handling customers to pay the rent.

We, at Feegenie come up with an innovative idea which lets you pay the rent for Malls/Office Complex online.

Feegenie helps a user to pay their maintenance fee/rent or registration fee for a mall/office complex etc. online within just few clicks and, thus helps the user to save their precious time and money.

In the same way, with the ready integration, these malls/office complexes can themselves approach Feegenie and can register themselves with Feegenie for online fee collection.

This will allow members of malls/office complex to make the fee payments online from the convenience of their home or office.

With Feegenie, they can get a real-time updation so that these institutions can get a very clear and updated picture of their outstanding invoice.

Pay online rent for Malls/Office complex with credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking or an E-wallet, even with smartphones or android app of Feegenie, available on GooglePlay.

With Feegenie, A Mall or an office complex can let their payers to pay customized form fee online, Registration fee online and monthly fee online.

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