Your Online Fee payment collection on the go

If you are looking for an Online Fee Payment solution, then you should read this….

We live in a world where many people moved towards the trend of paying online or getting online payment and this trend has been set-up because of changing scenario for online payments.

  1. The online payment systems allow money transfers to be made only through Internet (most of them maintain fully functional mobile applications). They function as a fast and secure electronic alternative to traditional methods as cheques, money orders or bank transfers.
  2. Online fee payment (a kind of online payment), also has been brought on this online platform reducing an extra stress of paying through Cash, Cheque, DD or other traditional fee payment methods. This online payment reduces the extra infrastructure cost incurred like: paper, security, manpower etc. And, some systems have been developed with a thought of having a smart system which allows paying through the online payment systems like: Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or E-wallet.


  • A Smart Online Fee Payment Collection platform – Feegenie, a ITES based Online fee collection as well as fee payment platform offers a wide variety of services to the institution and their payers as well for the online fee collection and fee payment along with vast services of Fee management system with the ease of digital payments and storage of their information on their Feegenie merchant’s cloud account.
  • Feegenie is offering every institution and their payer, an online fee collection module which is basically web-based fee management system with its USP to resolve all kinds of fee collection as well as fee payment alongwith fee management needs which enables you to collect or pay online using credit cards, debit cards or Netbanking and E-wallets.
  • With its integrated fee collection module, an institution can track the details of your school students past, future and current fee billing / payment collection receipts.
  • This Module Is Created Specifically To Speedup & Atomize The Work Of Fee Collection And Receipt Generation With The Aim To Minimize The Human Error Which Occurs Mainly At Receipt Counter. Fee module enables to maintain fee receipts and outstanding amounts of student. Class and Section wise fee reports can be generated for different months. Fee collection program can be customized according to school’s rule & regulations. It has configurable structure for late fee and its calculations thereof alongwith many more services.

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