Paying Bar Association Membership Fee Online – a myth came true…

We, the mango people, are heading towards the era where all the notices, summons & Court Proceedings records can be checked with the use of latest & innovative technologies which is moving towards getting all things done online.

Remember the days when, to check any proceeding or legal records, we had to rush to the court rooms or the registrars. Also, to know about any legal section or citation, we often needed to open the books. Now, everything is available at a single click away which has sorted out day to day issue faced by the common people in the concerned matter and to know about any legal section, we can now login to which can get all things done online.


Similarly, paying the membership fee is just a single click away with the help of latest and innovative technology i.e. FEEGENIE that can help you getting your membership fee paid for your bar association online without standing in long queues within few clicks. 

The facility of paying membership fee online has been facilitated already in some developed nations like: USA – for American Bar Association, Florida – The Florida Bar Association etc. Same as these bar associations, now our Indian Bar Associations can also collect their membership fee online through Feegenie. Similarly, Giving relaxation and convenience to their respective members, they can now pay their membership fee online using Netbanking, Debit cards or Credit cards and can enjoy the user-friendly smart features of its web-based fee management system.

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