How do I put money in my E-wallet?How much money can I spend from my account, is there a limit to it?

There are three ways of putting money into your E-wallet account:

  1. Request your friends to send you money on E-Wallet
  2. Get gift cash from E-wallet companies for being a loyal customer. Some companies do offer these kinds of gift cash for being a loyal customer.
  3. Load money yourself using the traditional online payment option like: Netbanking, Credit_cards or Debit_cards.

Yes, there is a limit for spending money from your E-wallet. An E-Wallet lets you send up to Rs.5000 per transaction but, there is no limit to the number of transactions you can do other than your monthly total. This is governed by RBI rules and that depends upon the type of E-wallet you have: Open E-wallet, closed or Semi-closed E-wallet.

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