How can I reset my Debit Card PIN if I forgot the same?What precautions/safeguards do I take while using the Debit Cards?

In the following ways you can change your Debit_Card PIN –

  • On the ATM machine itself – In “PIN change” option.
  • Through your Internet Banking with transaction password.
  • Through your Internet Banking with transaction password to unlock card.
  • Never let your debit_card be with anyone else except you.
  • Never disclose the PIN.

While doing any Point of Sale transactions, always ensure that card is swiped by the vendor in your presence.

  • Never disclose CVV2 (3- digit number printed on reverse of the debit card) to anyone.
  • While doing e-commerce transactions always ensure that the URL starts with https (and not http) for secure transactions.
  • If you suspect that your card is compromised, you need to immediately hot-list the card and obtain replacement.

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