Give your club members a complete relaxation of paying membership fee at home

A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. A service club, for example, exists for voluntary or charitable activities; there are clubs devoted to hobbies and sports, social activities clubs, political and religious clubs, Health clubs etc.

  • The Clubs in India includes some of the famous one’s like: Gymkhana Club, Rotary clubs, Lions club, Golf Club of Various states, The Cricket Club of India Ltd, National Sports Club of India (NSCI) etc. and same as the Gymnasiums chains etc.
  • A person, as a member of a club and being professional or a businessman do not have enough time to pay their membership fee on the fee counters. In this case, the clubs should give their members a facility to pay anytime at the ease of their home that wouldn’t bother their professional life too. This can just happen if they come to online fee collection/payment module that is only offered to clubs by Feegenie in today’s scenario.


  • Feegenie offers each and every club and payers a complete facility of online fee collection/payment. With Feegenie, online club fee payment can be done anytime and from anywhere without need to go at the fee counters of respective clubs. The members can pay fee online for club with credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking and E-wallets. The online fee payment facilities for clubs are also available with the smartphones or Feegenie’s Android app, available on GooglePlay.

Click here to pay online fee for clubs with Smartphones/Android App:

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