Feegenie Revolutionizing the Education Fees Payment System in India

Revolutionizing the Education Fees Payment System in India, Feegenie is India’s first multi-utility & user-friendly online portal focused to provide a solution to millions of payers/parents/members across India, enabling them to pay all kinds of fees online anywhere, anytime through Feegenie – “The Revolution”. The internet revolution has enabled us to enjoy travel, movies and even shop while sitting in an air conditioned room, while when it comes to pay education fees that accounts for a whooping sum of more than $15 billion/year in India, it’s all about long queues at counters, time & fuel consumption, inconvenience & hassles ultimately leading to missing deadlines & late fees charges at times. Nevertheless, handling of such a huge sum of money through current offline system does not only make it prone to human errors & corruption but also is anti-environment by unimaginable amount of paper wastage for no reasons. Feegenie provides a simple, efficient & user-friendly solution to all this by providing online payment of education fees anytime, anywhere using debit/credit cards or net banking facility.

There are so many sectors Feegenie is taking care of like: if we talk about Educational Sectors, we can include Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching Institutes with other sectors like: Resident Welfare Societies, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Associations. All these bodies operating in India even till now relies on manual fee Collection systems: Cash, Cheque, Demand Drafts. The new era now wants a revolutionary change as per the changing technology.
A study says that an average Indian spends around 500 working hours in his life to pay fees standing in queues. Feegenie is all set to minimize this time spending to just 200 minutes and that too without standing in queues.

Here the question comes in our mind: Why only Feegenie?

  • Easy to Use
  • No Additional Hardware/
    Software Required
  • Safe & Secure
  • Operational 24x7x365
  • Environment Friendly
  • Go Paperless

Feegenie is even providing much better services than Banks and Payment Gateways that many are using to get their fee collection on the online platform.

  • With tie-up with just one bank, you are resistant to use the services of other banks too while Feegenie offers every payer as well as institution a wide option to choose from 48+ Banks.
  • In case of banks and payment gateways, you can’t customize the platform provided to you by them for online fee collection and even for a small change, it will take approximately 6-7 months for a change/updation to cater as per institution’s need while Feegenie will customize your online fee collection platform within just one business day or two.
  • When setting up banks or payment gateways, you need to pay Registration fee, Annual Maintenance charges and security deposit which will cost much more annually, while Feegenie offers all the services, totally Free of Cost.
  • Moreover, Banks and Payment Gateways are not specialized for fee collection. Their Specialization is Banking and other related products while Feegenie is specialized in the domain of Online fee collection and for the specialized services in this regards can only be catered completely with the specialist in this specific domain and i.e. Feegenie.

We at FeeGenie visualize India where every common man is using the technology in his daily life. When the word Fees is around him, he should use FeeGenie services for all types of fees to be paid.

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