Encouraging Digital Payments, Feegenie introduces free coupons

Gone were the days while you needed to pay a lump-sum amount of school fee for your child. Now, you can avail exciting discount coupons by making digital payments of the fee.

Digital payment or, digital currency actually means making the payment or, fee payment online with credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking or e-wallets.

Feegenie gives a complete relaxation to all the payers to pay the fee online with digital payments. This actually encourages these payers on the Digital India platform.

With the digital payment of fee through Feegenie, every payer can avail free discount coupons by making online fee payment for registered merchants of Feegenie. These discount coupons can be redeemed with the exclusive showrooms of the city like: stationary and gifts shops, fuel stations, retail outlets and lots more. You will be offered much more discount than they usually offer.

So, encouraging digital payments, Feegenie introduces free discount coupons to the payers.

Switch to Online fee payment with Feegenie and enjoy a budget-friendly shopping with free coupons offered to you by Feegenie.

To know more, visit the website: www.feegenie.com

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